Paper Violets / Vellum Prose

For this project, I worked with my frequent collaborator, Ames Hawkins, a creative-critical scholar and fellow professor at Columbia College Chicago. Ames describes the project as follows: "Conceived of as a radical eulogy, "Paper Violets, Vellum Prose" both recalls and recreates the stark realities of my father’s hospice death. First appearing as an installation in Word 6, the multimedia installation “Paper Violets, Vellum Prose” is a call to re-embrace the death experience from which twentieth century culture has distanced us. The piece was reinstalled as a part of Ill At Ease, an exhibition at SUNY-Buffalo, Spring 2017."

My contributions to this multi-component art piece consisted of design refinement and creation of a wallpaper design (also designed in collaboration with artist Joan Giroux), design for a window installation, and design guidance for needlepoint quilt.