These are Love(d) Letters

This is a collaborative project called These Are Love(d) Letters, a work authored by my colleague and creative-critical scholar, Ames Hawkins. I created the graphic design and imagery for this book that investigates the rhetorical form of the love letter through visual and textual exploration. It was published by Wayne State University Press in September 2019.

At the core of the book, Ames is examining the relationship between her parents through a finite series of twenty love letters that her father wrote to her mother in the fall of 1966. The design of the book features one chapter for each letter with an interleaving page of blue vellum. Within that, the content is textually and visually conceived as five arcs of four chapters each. Each chapter opens with a photograph of the front of the letter and closes with a mirror image of the back of the letter. Within the chapter, my design creates a typographic structure around the many different types of writing that Ames employs–memoir, scholarly research, fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. I created visual elements and illustrations from materials in the letters themselves. My goal is that each chapter feels like the opening and closing of a letter itself, creating an intimacy with the reader.